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This was forwarded to me by a corgi friend. Since GSDs are afflicted by DM too, I'm posting here for those GSD people in the area who might like to attend.

Degenerative Myelopathy Seminar- please pass the word!

The Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club is having a DM seminar with Dr. Joan Coates on October 10, 2010 from 1-4 PM. A private donor is paying for Dr. Coates airfare, the club will pay for the room at the Bellevue Hilton and Dr. Coates is taking 3 days out of her schedule for travel and this talk. This meeting is open to the public so please spread the word to breeders of other breeds you may know. Pet owners are most welcome, as well, as they are usually the ones who live with affected dogs.

I hope everyone that lives in WA, OR, ID & MT (although not limited to this area) will make an honest effort to support and attend this seminar. Dr. Coates will share the latest information regarding the on-going research and allow a couple hours for Q & A. Cost is $15 pre-registered and $25 at the door. For more information you can email Peggy Cobb at [email protected], Barbara Evans at [email protected] or Jill Miller at [email protected]

I talked to Dr. Coates this AM and she is excited to be coming to the NW as she stated most of the samples sent for starting this research came from our area. She was a bit disappointed when I told her how few people have reserved a spot stating seminars for the Boxer population usually have "standing room" only. It's a disappointment to me, too, that more corgi people are not interested in getting the facts but choose to accept "rumors" about this horrendous disease. Accusation of accuracy, value of the test have been a point of dispelling the need to DNA test for DM. NOW IS THE CHANCE TO ASK THOSE QUESTIONS of someone that can give you an accurate answer.

For out-of-staters, a weekend in Seattle could be fun packed. It's a short 3 hour drive from Portland area, about 3 from Tri Cities, 7 from Boise, 5 from Spokane....really not that big a deal for the opportunity. I know we travel farther and longer just to do dog shows. IMO this is far more important and worth the time investment!

Let's show Dr. Coates we care about our breed and PACK the room to full capacity. It will take 50 people JUST TO PAY FOR THE ROOM AND PROJECTOR. Come on! We can do it. Certainly winning in the show ring is not as important as breeding healthy, sound dogs.

Dr. Coates also said they are in DESPERATE need of spinal cord tissue from old dogs that show no symptoms of DM. I don't think their DNA status is an issue, simply the fact that they are not exhibiting symptoms of DM. Without this comparative material it will be hard for them to find answers to questions we all want to know; why do some dogs get the disease and others don't? What affects the age of onset? Can we cure DM? Can we slow the progression of DM?

From Kathleen Mallory
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