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When we know better we do better and I'm betting the majority of us were uniformed when we got our first dog from a breeder.

No matter what, genetics makes breeding a bit of a crap shoot. Going with a responsible breeder helps put the odds more on our side. Plus I'd rather give my money to someone who's really working to do the best for the breed with experience and education, not just breeding for money or cute puppies or to show their kids the miracle of birth........

My first puppy was a yellow Lab from 2 friends who just wanted a litter and so bred their dogs. They didn't know anything about anything. But my Maggie Mae lived for 14 happy healthy years and I never regretted getting her. I just did a better job with my homework for my next puppy!

:thumbup: Exactly

Jazzy is from a BYB, I love her to death but I went with a responsible breeder for my next and got Delgado. No need to feel guilty or worry about what may happen, just enjoy your dog
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