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BYB doesn't mean anything when it comes to health. Does it increase your chances? Sure...but its not a death sentence by any means.

I have a BYB dog. Neither parent had hips certified or was titled. My boy has a beautiful temperament. He has obedience titles and is currently training for the AKC Open level and also agility. He hasn't had any allergies, fear issues, or any of the "popular" problems you hear about on this forum. He's also OFA good hips and normal elbows (I checked for agility purposes).

You can't control the future. Even with a "perfectly bred" dog you don't know what kind of issues could come up. Plenty of great breeders end up having one or two HD dogs or allergic to this and that dogs. Its genetics...its a roll of the dice. Don't worry about it. Whatever happens happens.

The registering in the same month...doesn't matter. It just means that the breeder got both dogs at around the same time. A lot of breeders that import dogs do this and there are plenty of other reasons beyond importing that can cause both dogs to be AKC registered in the same month. I don't believe a whelping date being several years prior to registration is any type of red flag.

I don't get why you're feeling have a great dog. Love him like you would any other dog. You've got more than many people do on this AKC registered dog with a pedigree. Research the pedigree...see what comes up. Although my boy's parents weren't OFA or titled...there were plenty of grandparents and great grandparents that were. IF you're not seeing any problems currently...raise him like that...don't EXPECT problems to happen and the won't happen.
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