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Digestive issues around week 8 after heat cycle?

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Could be unrelated.

My female had a cycle around 8 weeks ago. She's been a bit off her food as in not as food driven as normal but still hungry until today. She vomited this morning, then ate grass and vomited it up again at lunch walk and is feeling down- lower energy for sure.

No appetite.

I think she had similar issues with diarrhea and no appetite last cycle though I didn't make the connection and thought it was something she ate... it lasted a week or so. I even took her to the vet.

Is this likely unrelated or have people seen similar digestive stuff when their hormone levels drop at week 8 after a cycle?

I have her mom as well, and she goes through a bit of a loss in appetite, less interest in food but no real stomach upset or vomiting. They also start "denning" under the deck or rocks, etc.

Curious if this is at all common. Could be a completely unrelated cause.
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TAKE HER TO THE VET - NOW!! That was the first symptom Eska showed when she developed pyometra, and 8 weeks after the heat cycle is the prime time for it to develop! She also had some vaginal bleeding, but the loss of appetite was the main thing I noticed.

Can you check her temp? Eska was feverish with it.
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I would be worried about pyometra as well, I would take her to the vet immediately.
Yes! So Sassy threw up a bunch of grass in the afternoon (she ate it then vomited immediately) , then pooped out a kind of mucousy poop also with a bunch of grass, and last night she was very hungry and eager to eat.
She appears to be feeling quite well now and is eating and hasn't vomited again.

I think it was a gastrointestinal issue caused by something she ate most likely. I didn't see any discharge and she otherwise seems bright and happy--- could be hormonal perhaps as her hormones change but I'll never know.

I know pyometra is always a concern- but I'm pretty sure she is on the mend!
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