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Different - Teaching a Child to Ride a Dog

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I happened to find this online while looking for something entirely unrelated and thought it was ... uh ... different. (The words "bad idea" come to mind.)
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awfully bad idea, IMHO.
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Things like this make you want to reach out and smack someone. Preferably with a big stick of common sense.
interesting..different is right
correct me if I am wrong (i know dogs pull carts and sleds ect) but i have never seen where it is part of any dog breed to be ridden??

this could most likely be harmful physically...among other things
That is the dumbest thing that I have seen so far concerning kids and dogs.
Kids are TOO HEAVY for dogs-- period. 20% of the dog's body weight?? How long does this person expect the dog to be healthy under such a whopper load?? A dog's skin is not like a horse's-- it is LOOSE. To stay on, a child will need to GRIP HARD with legs, clench up, tighten up constricting ribcage of the dog. What happens when the child tries this on a dog like YOUR dog-- YOUR GSD when visiting?? Only tiny children try this, or are taught this by parents... then this very young child visits me or you, and decides to do this to our ASSERTIVE GSDs? Just because a dog is not aggressive, does NOT mean it will not assert itself. Dumb, dumb, dumb idea for the dog, for the child. Cruelty all around.
I will personally sit on whoever thought up this stupid idea. Those poor dogs.
Some people just amaze me. I think I am rather speechless about the stupidity of some people. Beating someone with a stick of common sense might not work, might want to start with a stick of stupid.

Just amazing the things that people come up with. Poor pup.
This is not your ordinary every day stupid, this is a special kind of stupid. Throughout history canines have been bred to assist man protect home and herd, pull carts, hunt, and accomplish tasks that he cannot. Never in that history have they been bred for children to ride.
....that's about all I can say....
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Wow... unbelievable. I was looking at the picture of the kid on the white dog - they cant tell that obviously he is way to much weight on that dog??!! What a stupid and cruel idea.
Step 7

Don't forget to take lots of pictures and video clips.

Hopefully, this guide has been, or will be , a big help in training both your children and your dogs for this unusual, but awesome, trick. To all who have found this guide a big help, Take lots of pictures and video clips of this accomplishment, and send them to me at [email protected] .

Wonder if he wants people to e-mail pics of their vet bills from the dogs' injuries, or the pediatrician bills for the kids bite wounds?
If you want to see something to truly make you want to hit your head against the wall, read the Dog Riding Stories on the same page -

Talk about some prime example of really, really bad dog ownership. Half of them start with the neighbors' dogs running loose and kids riding them, others talk about kids taking their family dog outside (so mom/dad won't see them riding!) and then proceeding to jump on and kick the dog to make it "go".

Yeah ... and people wonder why children get bitten by dogs in their parents' absence. Idiotic.

On a side note, dogs *can* carry up to 20% (even 30%) of their body weight - IF they are trained to do so and the weight is supported by the shoulder and balanced, like a backpack. Not a child that is sliding around the dog's flexible back! Which could lead me into another rant of dog pack manufacturers who are equally clueless and design packs that sit over the center of the dog's back, rather than over the shoulder where they belong!
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Parents, what does a 4 year old weigh, anyway?
Wow.... yeah they need to be beaten with a stupid stick.
What next? Maybe people would think it a blast to teach the dog to bungee jump.
I'd confront them them on that and if I see it again AC and the SPCA are getting a call.
At 4 years old my daughter was 43lbs and my son was 49lbs.

I had a Great Pyr. when I was growing up, and I had the bright idea to try this. Well, after my dad caught me, I couldn't sit down, let alone try to ride him. After my butt cooled off, my dad sat with me and explained the damage I could do to him, then we went and got harnesses and taught him and my Akita/Malamute cross to pull a wagon/sled.

No excuse for parents endorsing this. They are the ones that SHOULD know better!!!
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