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Vet visit sounds like it is in order.

Did you switch from one food to the next cold turkey, when switching you should switch slowly by mixing the two foods together, decreasing the old and increasing the new. If you can't do that then make a mixture of chicken and rice and introduce the new food slowly with the chicken and rice mixture.

When pups/dogs get diahhrea the first thing to do is stop feeding for 12-24 hours and make sure you pup gets plenty of clean water. If you pup isn't drinking then take some chicken broth and dillute it as a replacement for water.

Then feed bland diet, checken and overcooked white rice for a few days then start mixing kibble in.

Do not allow you pup to drink out of mud puddles, that means when you pup is outside you are also.

Make a place for the MIL's dog's food that you pup can't get to.
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