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I am right there with you newlife. I have 13.5 wk old. She came with coccidia, hook worms, and giardia. Of course we figured that at one at a time. We'd treat one and when the diarrhea didn't go away we would discover the next issue. She had 4 straight weeks of horrible diarrhea so I'll share that poop queen crown with you.

Finally when we started treating the giardia her poos got better. She is still on metronidazole. Her stools started loosening up again a couple of days ago but not to the extent they were. I'm hoping the coccidia isn't back. Before they started getting better I thought here food might be part of the problem but since they were good for a week I'm not sure. She is on Wellness.

The chicken/rice; hamburger/rice didn't work for her but that's because she had so many parasites. I would make sure you rinse the ground beef to be sure all the fat is off, that in itself can cause loose stool.

What kibble do you have her on? You said she has had diarrhea for 4 long have you had her? Has her stool been good up until 4 days ago?
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