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Development stage of 4.5 mos. old GSD

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Hi All,

It has been a long time since I had a puppy, so bare with me.

My 4.5 old GSD puppy named Bailey is just now understanding the sit command and learning the down command.

He still wants to bite like crazy, not completely housebroken, meaning he will pee in his crate occassionally.

Is he about right on a development scale?

He is also starting puppy classes on Feb. 27.

Thank you.

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Pups, like children, are individual so take responses with that in mind.

How long are you crating him?

Sounds like he may be trying, but unable to hold it. They do not like to mess where they sleep.

I'm home with my dogs, so it rarely takes more than a week or so for me to train them.

The biting should be easing.

How much exercise daily?

Sit and down may be slower, but if you're working multiple short sessions daily, he should be catching on.
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Go into all the puppy sections here and just start reading. Except for when we are bragging on their brilliance, we are generally concerned about their growth, biting on us, housebreaking, and all the other issues crossing your mind!

Some additional sites to breeze thru:

Bailey is crated at night-time and for half an hour to an hour several times a day. I am retired and spend my days with my dogs.

Bailey gets a mile walk a day - most days and lots of play.
I'm betting he'll be just fine.

Just looked at your other posts and it looks like he has other dogs to play with and learn from.

Have you posted pictures?
I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how.
How to Post Pictures (click that) is a sticky to help us all.

And it seems confusing initially but once you get it, easy!


I will post pics shortly.

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