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My 3 1/2 month old black GSD,Texas, is destroying our apartment balcony.

Also, I don't always want to be standing next to the door waiting for her to eat and drink (she won't eat or drink if I am standing there because she then wants to come in). I want her outside time to be calming and relaxing, since we only let her out after our long walks.

Someone, please guide me and lend me some kind words of encouragement. :help: All opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
Encouraging words first, she's teething and her mouth really hurts so most of the behavior is only temporary. Until that stops she's going to spend most of her time looking for something to chew or bite...but it's normal.

Make sure she has plenty of things to chew. There are lots of teething toys that you put in the freezer, do you have any of those? When you see her start to go after something she shouldn't have give her a toy to chew or divert her attention.

The bad news, she's just a baby, you have to watch her 24/7 or put her some place where she can't hurt herself or your things. She won't be calmed or relaxed when she electrocutes herself. :(

Just keep telling yourself, this too shall pass!!
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