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So let's try to bring you guys up to date.

My puppy right now is 10 months old. Around 3 months I made a post about a big hole on the top of his head. Lots of people here tried to help me and we leaned towards a "tick" because everything looked that way. The first vet shaved his head and pulled ingrown hair out of the two holes on his head. It looked like vampire wounds from fangs.

1 month later it was doing the same thing. The doctor did the same thing. 1 month later it was worse. I decided it's time for a new vet. We go to the new vet and they diagnose it as a cyst but not sure what type. They said it's no biggy, it's not that big and we'll get it when we neuter lex in a few months. Well I didn't plan on neutering lex under after a year but last week we went to the vet for a check up. They noticed the cyst was 2x the size and bleeding/pussing a lot. They said we need to do it ASAP so we did that and the neutering all at once.

When he was under and shaved his head, they found 2 more cysts on his head. So they cut him open, removed all the cysts, stitched him up, neutered him and hes back home with a cone on his head. The doctor calls me to say if I can come up early to talk about Lex's hips. I'm like...oh god, what else is wrong?

So I get there and its just routine to talk about hip x-rays and he has great hips for his age. Haha. So that took away some scary stuff but then the doctor advised me to pay the money to send the cysts in to get tested to see what they are.

So we've been waiting a week for the results and its a dermoid cyst. From what I googled and the doctor explained, it's more of a very random birth defect. Some kind of tumor that forms from something growing in the totally wrong place where it shouldn't be. Mostly(she said 95%) it's not cancerous and in my case it's not either. So thank god.

here is one web page that is basically identical to my story and I'll post my pictures tonight of Lex. He's a trooper. None of this stuff phased him or hurt him. He's had the cone on his head for 7 days now and he just rams into things. I can't help but laugh at him when he does it because he just keeps walking like nothing happened!

Oh yeah, the web site...

And my pictures will be posted in a reply tonight when I get home.
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Wow! How scary! Glad to hear it was nothing serious!

Dermoid cysts happen in people too - more common in females and they tend to grow in or near the pelvis/ovaries. They often have teeth, hair, bone and muscle in them - and often when you cut them open, a black oily substance oozes out!

Glad to hear Lex is handling things so well!
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Thanks for sharing your story! Glad to hear you got a diagnosis, treatment and that everything should be okay!
What a relief I am sure.
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