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Depressed Dog? How can you tell?

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My girl Bella is now 11 months old. Lately she doesnt seem to be her self. She eats sporadically. Shes not unhealthy though. She'll pick at her food throughout the day. I figured it wasnt a big deal since her health and weight are good. Last night she just seemed sad. Now I know she had a hard morning cause we went out for a walk and it turned out to be much hotter and more humid that I thought so we cut it short and came home. But in the evening she just didnt seem to care about anything. She didnt care to be petted. Didnt want to go outside. Didnt act like her usual ball of energy. I thought maybe the heat just got to her more than usual. Again, this morning, dh let her out of her crate to go outside and she refused to go outside. She just got on the couch and laid her head down. She has acted this way before but not often and not for a long period of time. I can tell when shes too hot, or tired and I can usually pinpoint whats going on with her. If shes depressed, what could it be from? The vet has given her a clean bill of health. Maybe shes just getting older and calming down? If so, I didnt expect that for a couple more years. If you have any thoughts or if your dog has acted this way before please let me know. Maybe I am worried for nothing.
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Has she had a vaccination? her heart worm pill? frontline? Has she had any bouts of pano (growing pains)? I ask all these questions because Gracie went through the exact same thing at 9-10 months old. We ran blood work - all normal. Heartworm and lyme test - normal. Fecal - normal. We thought maybe it was her Heartgard plus chewable as she had it a day or two before this happened so now we only give her the Heartgard pills. We also thought maybe it was her pano and she was self regulating. We never figured out with any certainty what it was and it never happened again. Lasted 6 days and then she was her crazy self again.....and has been since!!
Thanks. Now that you mention it she did have her Interceptor on Friday. Maybe that was it. I just havent seen a reaction like that from her when given her heartworm before. I really thought maybe the heat made her feel ill. I'll have to keep an eye on that...
Wouldn't it just be so easy if they could tell us?!!!!! We made the guess it was her Heartgard plus because everything else was normal. It happened in the month of October for Gracie. I don't remember now what the weather was like. It could be that or it was something else. We'll never know but it hasn't happened again. She had taken the HG + before also. Who knows?
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Hannah had days like that. A lot actually.... she is 3 now, but she has lots of days like that. The heat really changes her attitude! Its like she hibernates in the summer. She is a fairly low energy GSD though. She has shown signs of depression before also. Weve moved several times since shes been with me though. I truely would blame a lot of it on the heat. If she knows its hot outside and I go get her leash for a walk I have to search for her and usually find her in bed instead of at the door ready to go. Shes a mess!
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