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I am a 9 months old male German Shepherd who is friendly and likes to play. I get along with other dogs. I am already neutered so I can get adopted immediately.

If you are interested please contact us right away. Emails are checked daily or you can call 661-721-3377 Ext450. Do to lack of space, time is limited for dogs at a public shelter. There is a play area at the shelter for you to get to know the dogs and for them to get to know you. they all deserve a good home. Shelter hours are 9-4 weekdays and 9-2 weekends. This listing was updated: 7/11/08

Delano PoliceDepartment
Animal Control
1022 12th Ave.
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 721-3377 ext. 450
[email protected]

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