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Dog rely on body language. It's their understanding and ability to interpret human body language that allows them to assess threat as well as their inherent genetic tendencies. I have a dog that doesn't perceive threats until you are really in his space. I have another dog that will sound off pretty quickly. This has more to do with the dog's individual personalities than training.

SchH training in and of itself will not develop a discrimination of threat. Most people who are serious about training their dogs to perceive and respond to threats on the street go through scenario training. There are different ways to train the protection phase, so ultimately it depends on how you train your SchH dog.

I think SchH training will give you nice control though (out commands are good) and teaches the dog different behaviors to do in response to threats. So a dog that understands it can bark at a passive person or attack a person that threatens physical harm. The dog that has underwent SchH training should also have the confidence to stay in the fight because it should understand it can win. But again, it depends on the dog.
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