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On the SchH field, dogs are not given a command to bite. Actually as of some (stupid PC attempt) rule changes a few years back, we aren't allowed to give the dog a "bite" command. We can release them to go, but can't command them to bite. And in some exercises, such as the escape, the handler is out of the picture and the dog is acting completely on his own. The dog bites in response to certain cues that come from the situation and the actions of the helper.

I would expect the same in a real life situation. For the dog to read the situation and intent of the "mugger", and respond accordingly. Starting with the lowest degree of aggression (barking) and escalating to biting if needed. I do not expect to have to tell my dog to respond in those situations. Correct GSD temperament and correct protection training, SchH or otherwise, should accomplish this. Though the dog should always be controllable of course, and stop aggressing when commanded to do so.
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