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Decatur, GA ID:36785 B&T F, Nice girl! shelter adopt

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This girl is not yet on Petfinder. Jamie Martinez, the adoption coordinator is out of town until Thursday so Petfinder will not be updated until she returns.

Please feel free to share these pictures and crosspost. If you are interested in adoption/rescue call the shelter and speak with Officer Castro.

ID: 36785

Very sweet Female GSD. She is in the 5-7 year range. Both of her eyes were all crusted over when we got her out for pictures, so after cleaning she looks a little sore around the eyes. She walks nicely on the leash and enjoyed being petted and didn't mind having her face messed with. She is sharing her kennel with several other female dogs and all are doing well together.

When a Petfinder link is available I will post that here as well.


Dekalb Animal Services
845 Camp Road
Decatur, GA 30032
Phone: 404-294-3088
Fax: 404-294-2947
[email protected]
Dekalb County Animal Services
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This sweet lady is still at the shelter! There was a local adopter interested in her, they took home an application and then never came back.

She had no reaction to the cats in the cat room.

Local GSD rescue may be interested, but have not committed to taking her.

She deserves a FOREVER home, please?
According to petfinder, this lady has left the building. Adopted! :)
YAY!! I love reading these to find out they have gotten adopted or into rescue. But I always cringe until I read it in case it is bad news.
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