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Have you explained that dogs need consistency? Everyone in the house needs to use the same commands or they don't listen to the person who just keeps shouting NO.

Tell her NO is too vague and should be saved for emergencies - like a few weeks ago when I was standing at the counter at the vet w/Morgan (80 lb GSD with crazy prey drive). A little scooby snack dog came out of the exam room on a retractable leash. It got right in Morgan's face and I screamed NO. Instinct, I'd forgotten that leave it was the right command.

So maybe NO is just what immediately comes out of your roommate's mouth. Yes, the roommate does need to goto training!

If it helps, I had a roommate for many years. She was a cat & bird person, clueless about dogs. My dog was 2 when we moved in together. Did she screw him up, no, he figured out he just decided she didn't make sense so he didn't listen to her.
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