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Dark black and tan female, young, lovely!! Missouri

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Help!! This is my second rescue taken in within a month!! My husband is going to bring up the D word soon! He met me at the door with "not another one!??"

Today, my friend ( I will still call her my friend, I guess) took me to a vet's office where someone had dumped a young shepherd. I was fully prepared to put my foot down, mention that I had adopted two rescues recently and just took in a very ill and older rescue for rehab this month.

I was expecting see a cagey old dog that I didn't think I could handle or place. Of course, we come to a pen full of dogs that are overflow from the local shelter. Many are purebred too! A fight breaks out and utter chaos reigns in the pen as we approach. Gaadz!! Then I see a beautiful young GSD bitch standing on her hind legs wagging her tail at us. Crap! That's it. I am sunk.
We go back into the clinic and tell them the cattle dog is killing the coonhound pup and please get us the German Shepherd out. What a mess.

I am in south central MO. This girl would love a home. She is probably less than a year old but has her full height. She is tall and is going to be a med-large female. I will get pictures tomorrow but she is a blanket black and tan with pretty face markings. She has a nasty bite over her eye which was probably inflicted in the pen. It missed her eye luckily. She is full of energy and boisterous. Very loving and a great temperament. I took her in a pet store in the little town and she was great. Licks and wags for everyone. No problem when she had to ride loose in the car and not overly stressed by any of the strange goings on. I just put her in a crate in my house full of dogs and she gobbled up her meal fast.

Her build is nice and athletic. Just a great pup for someone up for a happy and lively but loving young girl.
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I have two rescue mixes and I did have a pure bred GSD. She has been missing going on 4 months now :( We miss her very much and really miss having a GSD. We haven't given up hope that we will one day find her but in the meantime I said I would keep my eyes open for another pure bred GSD that needs rescued/adopted. I live in Indiana but am interested. I would love to see her picture. We did have our hearts set on another sable but I am open to fall in love with something else:) We did find another GSD that we fell in love with but that rescue wouldn't do out of state adoptions :(
Hmm... I'm in South Central MO and looking...
I will get pictures tomorrow.

She is crying a bit in her crate this evening. I took her out and she did stand to look over the fence. I don't know if she is a fence jumper. Definitely has the athleticism to do it, but hopefully won't.
Oh what a pretty girl! I think my mother is in love.
She is just beautiful... Needs a couple of pounds and she'll be perfect.. I see why you couldn't leave her! Thank you for helping her..
Yes she is gorgeous I would gladly give her a forever home if anyone was comming to Indiana :)
she is gorgeous!!! and I love her name:)
Cutie pie :wub: Sounds like she is about perfect..... thanks for risking your marriage for her Samba :D....

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I have a friend of mine currently looking, if she is still up for adoption, very inteerested. Please pm or email me with location, contact info etc ([email protected]). Thanks
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