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Danica's "first(s)" - trying again!

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Sorry trying again on a new post :D. Hopefully this time the pictures come out the way they supose to ;)....

from my original thread.......From jumping in the lake to her first snow :snowing:, this girl had quite a few "first(s)" this weekend! She met her "cousins" Tanner and Bella (two very well behaved golden retrievers) and had a GREAT time jumping in the freezing lake (for the first time) with them :rolleyes: - abeit our plead not to :shocked:. Tanner jumped right in and Danica just had to follow him :crazy: and again, and again, and again. Then today, our first "official" snowfall of the season. My son and her were having a "snow ball fight". She loved trying to catch the snow balls with her mouth :D. Before that, a nice game of "leaf catching" on a nice fall day! ;)

I LOVE this lake!

HMMM should I try it again?

Danica and Tanner


Snow finally!

Danica and Jake
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After you open the picture in photobucket right click on it. There you will find the link name to the picture, use this link to post here. That should give it the option to click to enlarge.

She looks very pretty, would love to see bigger pics! :)
I will try again tonight when I get home. I think I know what happened (and it's the computer that I'm using not the camera). I'll post again when I get it all straighten out!
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