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Dakota is too smart for her britches

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Her fur britches! I walk my 7 yo to the bus stop every am at 7am.
A while back Dakota locked the deadbolt on me while I was gone and I had to climb in through a bedroom window to get into the house. So, I started taking my keys with me. End of problem right? Nope
I came back home with keys in hand one day and tried to open the door, can't get in. She locked the top deadbolt that is only locked from the inside of the house. I can't get into my house!! I am outside in my pj's at 7:15 am and I was panicking. Thank goodness my nephew was still home and had not gone to work yet. Now Dakota gets kenneled when I go to the bus stop!!!! How did she lock that dead bolt?
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she was probly wanting to go to so she stood on the door and when she came down her paw turned the lock
Brady has done that on a few occassions
She just wants to go with you
Agreed - she wants to go too!
Why can't she go with you????
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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