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I know of a few breeders that will not sell a pup to someone who wants a specific color. A reputable breeder has the expereince to help you pick the right pup for you, especially if you want to do schutzhund. If a breeder sells a pup to someone who wants a specific color and does not take anything into consdieration that is a breeder that I would pass on, IMO they just want a sale and not looking at the best interest of the pup and potential owner.

If a pup that shows promise for the sport and it is a good match for the owner and happens to be the color you want that is great. When I was looking at the litter I got my pup from there were two that were the best match for me, one was black and one sable. I LOVE the sables and because I had the two to choose from I picked the sable but if the black was the only match for me he would have been my choice. Color is the least of your worries when buying a pup for schutzhund.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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