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Cut on paw

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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> My husband said when he walked the boys after they ate dinner tonight in the 1 pasture he noticed blood on the ground. Both dogs had been running and playing, like they usually do in this pasture. He determined that Les Paul (LP) had a cut on his right front foots pad. When I got home from work a short time ago, we walked the boys on leashes in the grass, the pad is still bleeding. I was able to wash area off, it appears clean, very sore to the touch, fairly deep. I have no idea what he might have stepped on to cut him. He is acting fine, other than sore foot. I have him in kennel, separated from his brother, but they can see each other. LP is lying down, licking his sore foot. My question is, should this be stitched? He is a rambunctious 1 year old that would not keep a dressing/sock/boot on, and would most likely relish the idea of getting stitches out. Anyone have any suggestions/ideas? I will call Vet office in morning to see what they say too.
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OK this is what my vet told me to do in the same situation:

Apply hemeroid ointment
Apply 3x antibiotic ointment
put cone on dog's head so he leaves the bandage alone

Check 2 x a day for too tight a bandage

Rebandage I think it was every day & apply more 3x ...

Do not wrap too tightly.
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if possible, a photo would help to determine how deep of a gash it is. ive dealt with several types of pad tears, and only 1 of the 4 needed special attention. the first time it looked as if someone had taken a slice off of gia's large pad (similar to when you're peeling a potato) and i just left it be - within a couple hours of her licking at it, she chewed off the piece that was hanging off... limped for a couple days and in less than a week it toughened up and she had full function again. when she was asleep for the night (she slept in my bed the whole night thru) i'd use that opportunity to clean any debris from it and also check for infection.

pads are alot tougher than normal skin, and i've found they heal alot quicker by being left unwrapped. however, if wrapping will make you rest better - the suggestion middleofnowhwere gave sounds pretty sufficient to me.
<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> Well, wound ended up being alot worse looking this morning. Foot was quite swollen too. I tried cleaning things out with hydrogen peroxide and betadine, but took him to Vet when I saw how extensive things were. LP ended up with 3 layers of sutures, 2 antibiotics twice a day, and a pain med twice a day also. He managed to eat a small amount of dinner, walked on his leash to pee and poop too. The trick will be for him not to chew dressing off and sutures out.
Awww! Poor pupper!

Foot wounds can be tough!
It is mostly impossible to keep them clean!

One of my pups tore a nail completely out last summer!
Same deal... stitches, bandages, antibiotics....

Trying to keep them from messing with the bandages is the toughest part...

Keep us posted!
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