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hello djd67 and welcome. although i cannot with good authority speak to the rules and regulations of out-of-country transport and adoption, i do have some thoughts on long distance saves in general, and some comments on the workings of this board.

although the stories here are heart wrenching indeed, long distance adoptions can be logistically extremely difficult. many times you have no way of knowing details and specifics about a dog, pictures can be very deceiving, the dog you get can be surprising (at best) or dangerous (at worst).

having said that...if you are a brave soul, have resources, and are open to sometimes intense questioning by anyone/everyone from this board who might be inclined to help you (most here are adamant about knowing who they are working with and where a dog is going), i will say...where there's a will, there's a way.

you would want to spend some time reading the warnings posted at the beginning of the urgent section by board owners/moderators. there are so many variables in the world of rescue, which can be brutal to the inexperienced.

thank you so much for caring.
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