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Cumberland, MD - Zeke, Blk/tan Pup

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Zeke, 6 mos old blk/tan; labeled a mix but is definitely pure

Pls load pic, thanks
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(7/14/08) Zeke was found on Queen City Dr., in Cumberland, MD. Zeke is a friendly dog with a lot of energy to spare. Zeke is also a very talkative fellow. Zeke was born on 1/16/08. Zeke would do best in a mature household.

Allegany County Animal Shelter
Cumberland, MD
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If Zeke was found, then how do they know his birthday? Was he an OS?
If he had a rabies tag which lists the vet, they could have contacted the vet and found out the owner and birthdate.
Talked to shelter; Zeke was PTS, started to become very aggressive towards shelter staff and other animals.
That's so sad. RIP little one -- you were only 7 months old. No one gave you a chance.
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