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Well Lukas is home recovering from his surgery. He is heavily sedated, he is real tipsy when he is up and about. It makes me feel like crying watching him. I am not used to seeing him laying around sleeping. I am so lucky I have a great vet. It was a total of $193.00 including taxes. This included surgery, pre-anesthetic examination, tranquilizer, induction, isoflurane gas anesthesia, hospitalization, nursing care (which they were really caring) and suture removal in ten days, and I even noticed that Lex even trimmed his nails. I was lucky with the retained testicle being located on the right side of his winkie, which left Lukas with one incission which is located near the base of his winkie. This was my first dealing with a crypto and I was so afraid today that things would not of gone as smooth. I am sure with LOTS OF HUGS & KISSES, Lukas's recovery time will be alittle quicker. No fresbie for two weeks but he has a large stash of stuff animals that will keep him occupied without over exerting himself. But I am glad my baby is home. Even his furry siblings have been keeping a eye on him (3 cats). Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers.

Lori & Lukas
The 3 siblings (Mindy, Bailey, Pete)
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