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Critique My boy Max

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I am no professional but he is one stunning boy!! His topline follows very well and is straight he has very masculine features his head in paticular. Good ear set. Nice tight feet.

Like I said I am no professional, I am just going of the knowledge I know about the breed. Be interesting to see what other will say about him. Good Luck
Beautiful! Looks like he has a heck of a wide skull. Tail set is really high, other than that nothing really stands out. Looks like the photo was not taken from a good angle, as if the camera was a little high, so it's not a great photo to judge from but he's a beauty. I'll take red, purple, or orange girl, please!
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GSDTrain, thanks for your comment.

DianaM, Thank you for your commets also. I am still trying to take better pictures.

Those puppy pictures were taken a few days back, already they have all changed for the better. My picks are Orange girl, Grey girl and Green boy. Red and Purple girls have changes too and really starting to stand out. Its going to be hard to let them go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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