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Is Your New Puppy Driving You Insane? 9 Ways To Solve This

NOTE: *This is not a training guide; these are just simple puppy management techniques for a more enjoyable experience with your baby pup*

I see a lot of new members on here with common problems with their new puppy, so I compiled a list of management tips and tricks that really helped me and may benefit others on here...

1. Get a crate (if you don’t have one already)...
This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people out there get a new puppy and don’t crate train them.
Crate training your puppy should be one of the first things you do.
Whenever you are getting fed up with your puppy or feeling stressed, angry, etc. simply put them in their crate. At first, they will most likely whine, but they will quickly fall asleep and take a much needed nap.
Do this often!
Young puppy’s should be taking lots of naps and spending lots of time in their crate every single day. So get over any previous notions you have/had about crates being bad.
The only people who don’t use crates are people that have the luxury of being able to watch their puppy every second of every single day (which sounds awful) and the rest are idiots. Don’t be an idiot. Get a crate.

2. Get an exercise pen…
Exercise pens are GREAT for puppies and have so many uses.
You still need to watch your puppy when it’s in an exercise pen; it is NOT a substitute for a crate.
This is great for including your puppy in what you or the family is doing, while limiting their freedom but giving them more room to move around than in their crate.
Exercise pens are also great for blocking off anything you don’t want your puppy to get into, such as another room that may not have a door to block it off.
Just make sure you teach your puppy NOT TO JUMP UP on the sides of the exercise pen. This can take some time at first, but with consistency, this is fixed in no time.
Rollo just turned one and weighs 105 lbs and can be put in his exercise pen if needed and NOT jump on the sides or jump out (even though he could EASILY do so) because of the consistent training he had with his ex-pen since he was 10 weeks old.

3. Get a flirt pole…
This is a great resource to play with your puppy and tire him out relatively quickly and with little space needed.
You can easily make your own flirt pole or you can buy some pretty good ones on Amazon for like $20.
Rollo and used to play with the flirt pole multiple times each day when he was a young puppy!
Just make sure your puppy isn’t doing much jumping when you play with the flirt pole because this is bad for their young bodies.

4. Play “find it” games with food…
This is a mental stimulation game; meaning it requires your puppy to think and work its brain more than physical exercise.
I used to put Rollo in his crate or exercise pen where he could see me. Then I would take like half of his kibble for lunch and would go around the room and hiding little pieces of kibble all around the room (again, make sure your puppy can see you). Then I would open Rollo’s crate and let him out and say “Find it!” and Rollo would frantically search the room with his nose glued to the floor searching for the kibble I had hidden.
I loved this game and would play multiple rounds with Rollo each day because it really seemed to tire him out.

5. Make frozen Kongs with your puppy’s food…
This is another mentally stimulating activity that works your puppy’s brain and gives you some much needed peace and quiet.
Get a kong rubber toy and fill it with your dogs kibble. Then seal the top off by covering the hole with some peanut butter. Then stick it in the freezer before going to bed. Then use it as part of your puppy’s meals the next day.
This works their minds and can be challenging for them, especially if they have never experienced a frozen kong before.
So don’t make it too hard or difficult for them the first couple of times.
This is a great way to keep your puppy busy for a while.

6. Take your puppy’s food out of the bowl and use it for training…
Do basic OB training or commands using your puppy’s food that they normally eat out of their bowl.
Something I loved doing with Rollo was using his kibble to lay tracks in the backyard and make him sniff and search all throughout the yard to find his food.
Rollo really seemed to enjoy this and it REALLY TIRED HIM OUT and kept him busy for a while.
There are many great mental stimulation activities you can think.

7. Set down the rules and know exactly what you want your puppy to do from day one…
Start out the way you want to continue.
Don’t allow your puppy to do things now that you won’t allow him to do when he is 75 lbs.
Dogs and puppies do what we allow them to do, if they see that they can get away with something they will do it.
Be consistent.
If you want your puppy to know what it should be doing, then you must first know and be able to explain what exactly you want your puppy to do.
If you are not preventing (or punishing) your puppy from doing something, then you are allowing it.
There must be NO grey areas for your puppy.

8. Play the Two Toy game to exercise your puppy…
Start by getting two identical toys. (2 chuck it balls or whatever)
Get your puppy interested in one of the toys and toss it not too far away from you (keep the other toy hidden)
As soon as your puppy picks up the toy, take the second toy out and start tossing it up and down.
The second that your puppy drops the first toy he picked up, you throw the other one in the opposite direction.
The result is you stand in the middle while your puppy runs back and forth retrieving the the first toy and then the second toy.
This game is great because it requires little space and it doesn’t give your puppy the chance to play keep away with the toy because you always have the other one.

9. Get a plastic kiddie pool…
Go to Walmart or Target and buy one of those small plastic kid pools for $8 and take it out in your yard and fill it up and let your puppy go crazy.
This is especially good in the summer when it gets super hot; your puppy will love cooling off in this.
Rollo and I used our kiddie pool almost daily this past summer and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for less than 10 bucks.
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