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You may want to pretend you are munching on the treat before you give it to him. That'll show him that it's really your treat and you are sharing it with him.

One other thing you may want to work on is the drop command. Start it off with toys. Throw a ball and have him fetch it. When he brings it back, have him 'drop' it. Then, transfer the concept to food. When Elmo is chewing a bone and it is getting too small, I tell him to drop. Most of the time it works and he drops it. There are a few times where he gulps it down and looks at me like "what are you talking about, there is no bone here?"

One more thing, are you making him work for his treats? You may want to try that too. Make him do something (sit, stay, down, etc) and then give him a little treat. Maybe then he will see it as a reward as opposed to always his.

You're doing a good job by putting your hand in his food. We did that with Elmo when he was little and even though he loves his food, I can take it away at any time.
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