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Crate water bottles.

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I have a wire crate for Lilly and I was wondering if anyone uses a water bottle on the outside of the crate. Something like the ones used for rabbits. If so can I have your opinions on using one and where do I find one that won`t drip all the time like the rabbit ones seem to do. Are there other things that I can use without actullly putting a dish in the crate.
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There's a thread a little further down on this forum where different options for offering water inside a crate, including those Lixit bottles, are discussed. You can find that here -

I use a Lixit bottle on my crate, hooked to the door of it. It does drip, but not heavily or consistently.
After trying a couple of plastic models that were very poorly made and did not hook to the wire crate very well, I found a glass bottle with one flat side and a simple but effective fastening system at a local pet store. It even has a little floating duck inside so you can see the water level at a distance. The spout/tube is a little small for a large dog, but it works nice and allows him to drink a little during the day.
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