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You can certainly give it a shot. I personally wouldn't let a 5 mo old sleep outside the crate at night, but all mine are taught that crates are a good thing from day one, so they go right to their crates at night and settle down to sleep right away.

If you aren't sure he's ready, but the issue is your husband wants him in the room with you, have you considered a smaller nighttime crate for the bedroom for a couple of months till he's a bit older?

you can also tether on a 4 ft lead to the bed. Put a dog bed there, maybe a safe toy (nylabone, stuffed kong, etc)

To help him like his crate more - feed him meals in it, give him a treat each time he goes into it, and ignore crying. If you let him out or go out there each time he whines he will quickly learn that whining brings mom.
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