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This is closely related to another post; however, it is different.

I take in rescue dogs, and the last one I got, I picked up about three weeks ago at a humane society, after the dog was spayed.

She is a White, very thin (about 50 lbs.) German Shepherd Female. Her first rescue person said STAR attacked her dogs, so STAR went to a trainer,s, actually 2X before I took her.

STAR has not been aggressive toward my other dogs, and is very affectionate. However, she poops in the house, be it in her crate or loose. The trainer she was boarded at says that was never a problem, and the first rescue person tells me she was house broken and crate trained. Just a bit to aggressive toward her other dogs.

I have two other well trained shepherds, a rescue female I decided to adopt, and a European Working GSD. STAR does get very upset when I pay more attention to the other dogs, but I try and give them equal time, and they play well together outside.

So any thoughts on what I could do differently. Mine follow:

1. Let my Ex take the female I adopted for a few days and see if STAR still poops. Someone told me having more then one female can cause problems.

2. Let STAR out of her cage at night like I do with the other dogs. The females might fight, and I hate dog poop on my carpets, but it might be worth a shot.

3. Change STAR's diet.

4. Get up in the middle of the night and let STAR out. Hardly a long term solution, but better then having her roll in dog poop and getting a daily bath.

What is so frustrating for me, is apparently this dog has never had a poop problem, until I took her. I took her because she was labelled as aggressive, and in addition to going after the first rescue person's dog, she also bit the rescue on the shoulder.

In terms of aggression, it has not been a problem, but this poop thing has to end.

Advice, as always appreciated.
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