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Crate size for traveling

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I am looking to buy a new vehicle and my SUV crates are not going to fit.
What will fit is a 36X24X27, which is just slightly larger than a 400 series.
My dogs are not huge, male is 82 pounds, female 65.
Do you think this is enough room? What size do you use?
These would only be used for traveling-- I can always pack larger crates on the roof if it will be all day/overnight.
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My dogs are from 55 pounds to 75 pounds. I use the Midwest SUV Folding crates that are only 24 inches wide, but they are long 42 and tall 30. My dogs probably don't need them quite that large, but sometimes we are on the road for many hours. They fit side by side in my minivan.
I have the midwest SUV crates now, mine are 42X21X30. So they are pretty narrow.
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