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Crate in Bedrooms, Pro's/Con's

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I've seen several posts about crates in bedrooms versus other locations in the house. My question is this and PLEASE forgive me if this sounds dumb or goes too far, I'm keeping it "clean"

As your puppy ages, (my two are almost 10 months) do you leave them in your room or move them elsewhere in the house? The reason I'm asking is because I would LOVE to have them in my bedroom, there's plenty of room for both crates. However, it seems like you would want some privacy during "intimate" times with spouse. I can remember with my old GSD getting hit with a cold, wet nose unexpectedly during the most inappropriate times. :eek: Which is why I made sure they had their own room downstairs.
It's nice to have them near the front door especially when salespeople stop by, they don't stay long with all the barking so close to the door; but I would like to have them near me at night. (maybe, not sure if the moving about in the crate would keep me up or not)

Just thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone thinks and does with those who are allowed to sleep in same room...
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Up until a few weeks ago, Mac slept in a crate we keep in our living room. We kept it in the livingroom because he used to like to nap in his crate and we wanted him close to us. That worked for us. He used to like his crate and go in there on his own. But one day a few weeks ago he didn't want to go in. He's been sleeping on our bed or bedroom floor eversince.
Rayden has always slept in our bedroom. never interrupted us at "inappropriate" times either. Sometimes as a puppy he would get antsy but ignoring him beyond a "go lay down" was enough to shush him.

I guess it just depends on the dog?
Our dogs have always slept in the bedroom. They pretty much ignore us during intimate moments.
I may switch them for a while and see how the three of us do.... me and the two dogs anyhow, hubby is in Iraq. If I can't stand them then it's back down stairs. I have just always had a hard time getting over the cold nose on my butt from way back when. :/
my dogs crate was in the livingroom.
once he was out of his crate my
dog would sleep on my GF's side of
the bed on the floor. sometimes he would
go to his crate in the middle of the night.
my dog is 3 yrs. old. now he starts the night out
in bed with us. sometimes during the night
he will lay on the floor on my side of the bed,
on the floor on my GF's side of the bed or in front
of the bedroom door which is open.
we've always had the crates downstairs. I cant sleep with even the slightest noise in the bedroom beyond the snoring from my husband that took me 6 months to finally be able to sleep through. All our dogs once reliably potty trained and reliable to not chew on anything they shouldnt, have been allowed to sleep in the bedroom with us. They usually sleep through the night anyway so thats perfect for us. The only intimate inapproproate intrusion we ever experience is after the fun is over and one of us ends up with that cold wet nose in a place we dont want lol. After getting smacked on the nose a couple of times after wrong sniffing times, they learned to leave us alone. Its all about your preference really and how easily and deep you sleep. if you cant sleep just knowing you're bound to hear those nails on the plastic... then i would say find a place for the crate. Shasta sleeps downstairs in her crate at night which also helps with her realizing she will have to spend time alone or away from us which helps to avoid seperation anxiety
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