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Minna is just shy of 8 months old (11 more days...yikes :eek:)
Anyway, I've noticed in the past month that Minna behaves perfectly well in I'm at work all day with no problems in her crate. Doesn't chew on her bed, or try to pull anything in her crate -- appears that she behaves like I want to her too.

HOWEVER, anytime I've had somebody else put her in the crate..I come home to a mess in her crate. A couple weeks ago my mom put her in the crate -- she had allowed Minna to stay out a couple extra hours after I left for work) and she somehow pulled my trashcan bag into her crate (I swear the thing was at least 6 inches away from the crate at the time). And today, my brother took her out in the middle of the day for a pee break and then put her back in the crate and I come home to stuffing all over her crate from the bed that's inside her crate.

Any idea what the deal with her is? It's literally only been when someone else has either put her in the crate, or has taken her out and put her back up. I can put her up at 6:30 a.m. and come home at 4:00 p.m. and absolutely nothing will be bothered.
Obviously, I will no longer ask my brother to take her out or ask my mom to keep her out longer. But I was just wondering if anybody else had dealt with this or seen this kind of behavior before. :help:
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