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Crate Aggression

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This came up on another thread and was wondering what you all think.....

Most of my dogs will bark at other dogs that come up to their crate. I have never had an issue with this. If at an AKC function, I put their crates in out of the way spots, cover with a sheet and put our chairs/cooler/etc around them. If someone allows their dog to walk up to my dog's crate, well then my dogs are going to bark. I always thought it was more bad manners on the other owner's fault than an issue with my dogs.

At schutzhund training, most people don't walk right up to them and I have never had a complaint.

Do you think crate aggression is an issue?
How do your dogs react?
How would you train them out of it?

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I don't think crate aggression is an issue at all. Heck, my two may warn off each other from their crates when they are worked up. When crated the dog cannot avoid, or go anywhere so they will act different. Same concept as a very short tight leash.
Crate aggression is something I do not tolerate from my dogs. This is usually easily fixed by setting the dog up and being ready to correct him, either with just a verbal correction, to a spray bottle, to a leash correction.

At SchH training this isn't much of a problem as everyone seems to park quite aways apart except that the barking is very annoying when people walk by. At a dog show it is unacceptable. Exibitors have the right to walk their dogs or crate them where they can without having to worry about their dog being tramatized by some out of control aggressive dog. Not only that, but if the dog is in a soft sided crate there is always the concern the dog will get out and attack another dog.
I agree it is bad manners from the passerby to get too close themselves or their dogs.
I have yet to be at a dog show where the crates weren't packed in so nobody has the right to say it's the other exhibitors fault for your dog's bad behavior. I have seen many times an aggressive dog going nuts in his crate and actually moving it across the floor. Not only is this unacceptable behavior but what kind of shape is that dog going to be in when it's his time to compete? Exhausted? Aggressive? A danger to the other dogs around him? No matter what this isn't conducive to that dog's performance in the ring and is a general hazard to the other dogs at the show.
It is interesting to see the different views, and I guess most are split into one of two camps.
The leash correction would not work-- as my guys ONLY do it when crated. And only if a dog comes up to their crate, not just walking by.
2 of mine actually bark like mad when they see a squirt bottle. They LOVE it!! Kind of like a cat with a laser poointer:)

edited to add: I would NEVER use a soft sided crate with any of my dogs. Even a sweetie pie can chew out and get injured, unless the owner is right beside them.
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