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Crappy Neighbors!

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My neighbor has 2 dogs, a beagle shepherd mix, and a mini schnauzer. When my GSD goes out to pee the dogs charge the fence and snarl, and growl at Allie. They also leave the dogs feces lay in the yard and pick them up about every 3 weeks. It is disgusting. I'm sick to death of it. I wish Allie would just ignore them. But she acts like she wants to play. So we ignore and go inside after she is done. What the heck is wrong with people. Why don't they train there dogs! And PLEASE pick the poop up! It smells! We have dropped hints to these people about the stink. They are lazy and rude. Looks like I might have to call the health dept. Just venting everyone.
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What kind of a fence do you have? We ended up planting a flower bed along the section of the fence where my dog would interact with the neighbors mean cocker spaniels. In a section where no flower bed was possible we fortified with extra fence boards over the cracks of our wood privacy fence so my guys couldn't see through. Now that no one can see through there is no issue and my guys completely ignore my neighbors dogs although it isn't mutual.

My neighbors dogs still sit outside and bark the entire time they hear a person/dog in our yard. Annoying when we have a nice yard and pool to hang out in.

Sorry you have to deal with that. We have privacy fence all around so we don't see anyone
The neighbors dogs do bark sometimes but then so does mine. Can you call your city hall/animal control about the feces laying around? I know in my neighborhood they enforce it so we don't get a rodent problem.
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We have several acres fenced in and have just started to plant bottlebrush along the fence. Our neighbor thinks it cute for the dogs to fence fight.

We are going to be planting a lot of bottlebrush! But in a season or two it will give us a good privacy screen and hopefully will cut down on my neighbors hearing my dogs bark.
My two fence fight. (Both pair of dogs race down the privacy fence to get to the section that's chain link so they can exchange insults!) I go get them and bring them in or leash them. My neighbor does the same for her two dogs. I have a great neighbor! Of course the fence is mine and I suppose I COULD take it down so that's an incentive. If it's people out or dogs that ignore them, my dogs will hang it up on their own after a while. The neighborhood would be perfect regarding dogs except for the people who let their dogs loose.
Yep, I call mine to the sound of my neighbor saying its good for them, let them run. It is farm fence and the dogs can get their head through it no problem.

Gotten to the point that when I let mine out they are staring at next door willing someone to move so they can go the fence and bark.

The bottlebrush will help long term and will be pretty. It attacts butterflys and hummingbirds, so that is an extra plus.
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