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I've been trying to teach helios the cover your eyes trick following this video:
YouTube - Dog Trick Tutorial: "Cover your eyes!!"

I started yesterday with 2 sessions 10min each one and I'm still putting the tape on his nose/head to make him do the "paw thing".
But I know we've improved because he'd try to eat the tape or take it out of my hand with those wild puppy eyes..:laugh: now he doesn't try anymore. He waits for it to be on him and then he does the paw thing & as soon as he hears the 'click' he'll stare at me waiting for the reward..before he could careless about the clicker sound b/c he wanted the tape so badly...
:eek: so yes, i feel like it's an improvement.

Soo :) If your dog knows this trick how did you teach it? And how long did it take you to stop using the tape on his nose/head and instead use your finger as I saw in the vid?.

Thanks !

EDIT:I know It may take more time and that it depens on the dog but i'd like to have an idea on how long did it take your dog to understand it..:)
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