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I just started raw diet 15 days ago for my 11 year old GSD/Lab/?Corgi, and trying to read and learn more...

I feed her 2 % of her weight, as a senior, divided into 2 portions.

The foods I use are basically similar to your list, although have used some canned liver (Newman's organic), and some canned salmon.

Eggs have been about 5 per week... Should be more???

No yogurt yet, as she had bad diarrhea about a month ago after having some cheese as a reward at class.

Should I be giving a vitamin/mineral supplement?

Does a 6oz can of salmon once weekly provide sufficient fish oli, or should I supplement?

Mostly she eats Bravo chicken or lamb. Organic chicken with bones when I can find them. So far, about 3 times per week.

Small amt cooked broccoli or carrot occasionally

Frozed blueberries,

I'd love any comments, info, ?s, suggestions. Thank you!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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