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There is a wealth of information about this stuff online. But here is what I've come up with... Please add to or critisize is this sounds right.

4% of the estimated adult weight of the dog. Twice a day... can always be adjusted according to weight gain or loss.

Rotation of meats with variety...

Beef heart, liver, green tripe, kidney and tail.

Chicken necks, backs, gizards, hearts, feet, liver and wings.

Deer heart, ground venison, liver and kidneys.

Fish ... Still looking into this one... it may just be easier to add the salmon oil or fish oil.

Lamb breast, neck, liver and hearts.

Supplements or adds-

Salmon oil if no fish is fed.
Probiotic plain yogurt
pumpkin filling.
1 egg with shell

Of course not all of that stuff would be in the same meal, and the percentages would be adjusted some. I'm still looking at the percentages of certain parts and pieces, but it seems organs are the smallest percentage.

I read a lot of mixed reviews on veggies or fruits. I don't think it would be necessary, but again, I'm reading up.

I'm still researching so bear with me, and please add more info.
Looks like too much work, but let me give you some advice on probiotics. Forget yogurt for that. Yogurt is great to feed especially whole goats milk, but the probiotics in yogurt are too weak, not enough, not the right strains and not coated to make it into the lower digestive tract. They will just get digested.

Use Bac Pak Plus, Bertes, Jarrow's or another product made specifically for dogs.
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