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Counterfeit Frontline & Advantage

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Here's a HEALTH & SAFETY FACT SHEET from the FDA on counterfeit Frontline & Advantage and how to identify them.
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That is very interesting. The Frontline we get in Australia has always had green pipettes and the packaging containing the pipettes do not have the shape that the brochures indicated, instead they are oblong and some packages have different breeds of dog than the US product.

I wonder if one purpose of the factsheet is also to discourage USA citizens from importing products.
This is terrible to say, but it won't stop me from buying Australian products. I've always been very happy with what I buy from their online stores. The only time I've had problems with Frontline was recently when it didn't kill a flea infestation (and I bought it from my vet). IMHO fleas are getting immune to Frontline. I've switched to Comfortis and am very happy with it so far.
Same here. If you read alot of the research out there, even from Merck australia's site, it seems to be to discourage overseas purchases. I've been buying from the same company over there for about 4 years now and never a problem.

Merck Aussie site:

In kg markings of course, and it's in green tubes too that I get from over there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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