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Quote:My issue is, that per breed standard, she is extremely shy/nervous
This is not part of the breed standard Aloof is part of the standard but shy/nervous is not.

The information posted by the previous posters is good info.

Dogs that are insecure really benefit from lots of firm and fair leadership. You can't baby this dog, but you have to keep her from reaching her fear zone where she can't react properly. Dogs that are in fear mode can't mentally process thing correctly, so you need for her to understand you are in charge and you will protect her.

My DeeDee is weak nerved and when I know we have to do things that she is going to have trouble handling I will put a leash on her even at home. Example, thunderstorms are a big problem for her, but she needs to go out and go potty. Big problem if I don't put a leash on her and take her out in the fenced yard, but put her leash on and she will do what I ask (go potty) and she is better because the leash is like an umbilical cord so to speak.
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