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Good for you for addressing this immediately. It is NOT from protection and anytime you see behavior you don't want it needs to be worked on ASAP.

I'd be way upping the treats/fun/petting and socialization during the day. He meeting and getting pet by everyone? Are things like this a NORMAL part of your pup's life?

And when you see people outdoors, you need to act happy to see them like it's your BEST FRIEND EVER coming up! Don't stress and drag your dog in, or reassure them.

I'd even just turn around and HAPPILY and joyfully walk in the opposite direction BEFORE the growling if you are better able to then praise him while he's still ok.

But really, I'd more work on tons of daytime socialization and classes at this point to work on his general confidence and knowledge that the world is a Happy Place and everyone is lovely.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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