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Cost of bloodwork

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Has anyone had thyroid levels checked? Roughly how much should I expect to pay?

She hasn't shown any other symptoms, but reading about how it can cause nervousness and inability to concentrate sounds very much like Brenna's issues. Now that she is 2 years old I need to get her hips checked, so while I'm biting the bullet for that, I think I may go ahead and get her thyroid levels checked just to be sure.
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If you do, you might as well get the panel that includes the TgAA (thyroglobulin antibodies) and the free T4 and the free T3. Those will tell you most of what you need to know. Unfortunatly, to get those, you need to get the full panel, which is expensive. I can't remember how much, $160? That number may not be grounded in reality though....

The minimum you want is something that includes the T3 and the T4, and the free T4. The problem is that unless it's the free values, you really don't know what it means. And unless you know whether there are any antibodies (TgAA, T3AA,, T4AA), those values can be misred. I always have to sit with the vet and look at the book and tell them which one I want.
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