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Constant Bad Smell (non-GSD)?

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I received this message today. She's checked all the things I would have thought to check (food, ears, breath, anal sacs). I'm thinking maybe it could be allergies of some sort? Maybe switch food again?What do you think?

"I wanted to ask you a question about Zoe. She's doing very well by the way and we love her so much.
We have noticed over the last month a "smell" from her. It's not gas but boy it smells that bad. I took her to the vet and they did her anal sacs and some stuff came out and they thought it would take care of the problem. Well it hasn't. Some days it's not very bad but other days..WHEW it will make you gag. It's a constant smell from her but I honestly can't tell where. I've smelled her ears, breath and close to her behind and can't pin point it.
We have been feeding her the Iams Lamb and Rice since we got her, so I tired changing the food to see if that was it, no luck. What do you think?"
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Oh my gosh! I thought I put that in there! LOL

She's a Siberian Husky.

They seem healthier!

Things that stink can lurk in the fur easily if it is thick fur. They may want to shave down some areas to see if she has any infections.

This is how we found Nina's and I felt awful-I had been smelling her and nothing showed up in exams until she was shaved.

Another thing-now I just watch my dogs. If they start to sniff parts of her, I take her in and have her shaved. They always identifiy where infection has begun-and catch it way earlier. After this latest I am probably just going to keep her shaved (parts that the infection hits). So if you can use another dog, they may zero right in on it!

That is weird though...
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It could be a skin infection or a systemic yeast infection OR it could be from eating bad food for a long time. What did they change the food to? Something better or something about the same? And it would take a few weeks to make a difference.
Have you had her wormed? When I got Kacie, she had a smell, after a couple of weeks noticed a tapeworm on her(she is long-coated). I got her wormed and the smell disappeared.
Originally Posted By: onyx'girlHave you had her wormed? When I got Kacie, she had a smell, after a couple of weeks noticed a tapeworm on her(she is long-coated). I got her wormed and the smell disappeared.
We went through the same thing when we first got Emma.
I checked with her about the food and she says that they are now feeding her Purina Healthy Request (or something like that) Lamb and Rice. She's been on the new food for 6 weeks, but was on the Iams for over a year before that. She re-checked her ears and teeth and says there is no smell from them. And her skin is clear. Her coat is good, she's not scratching and has no (abnormal) hair loss. She took her to the groomer a month ago to try to get her really clean to see if that might help, but it didn't. She's thinking of trying to run blood tests, but doesn't know what she would be looking for. She says her vet is "stumped".

I'll let her know what is being said here...and THANKS!! For all your help.
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Is her skin REALLY clear????

And I'm not asking this to be a smart aleck.

Zamboni has a slightly funky smell to her for about 6-10 months. Can't figure it out. I've assumed it's too much GSD drool on her from Camper playing with her.

Zamboni was just in for her 6 month senior physical today. The vet was thorough. I had Zamboni's toenails clipped. We got home and one started bleeding pretty bad
So I flipped her on her back, and since I didn't have any clotting powder, I elevated it, then did the old Wilderness First Aid trick -- Superglue.

While I was waiting for it to dry, I was poking around her and fur. She has a very furry tummy. I rub her tummy a lot, but I don't actually part the fur and look at all the skin, inch by inch like I did today (don't ask me why I did it today. I guess there wasn't much else to do, sitting on the kitchen floor, other than admire all the blood I'd have to clean up on the floor and carpet).

Anyhow (get to the point, Lori...) she appears to have a funky yeasty/fungally infection of some type in her armpits. She swims every week. She has thick fur that takes forever to dry. I dry her the best I can, then she either lies by the heat registry (on cold days) or in the sun (on warm days). But still, somehow, she developed an icky flaky gunky thing going in her armpits.

I have no idea how long it's been going on.

If anyone has home remedies to suggest, I'm all ears. Otherwise, back to the vet on Monday.

I guess that bad toenail clip was supposed to happen.

So, if I were you, I'd really check her skin, inch by inch by inch, then check it again. Dogs with thick fur hide things really well.
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