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Several weeks ago I brought Freyja to the local PetSmart in order to make sure her new collar would fit. She behaved wonderfully the whole time. At the checkout counter one of the dog trainers came up, commented on how well she was behaving and asked what puppy class she was enrolled in. When I responded that I was training her with the aid of my father, a retired State Police officer who trained and worked with his white GSD Patton, and who had trained all of our other dogs over the years, the trainer bent down, patted Freyja and told her "I'm sorry sweetie". The checkout girl refused to meet my eye after this. This isn't the first time this has happened either. Why do people's attitudes change soon as I mention that my father is aiding me in training her?
The guys I know that were on the K9 unit, including my father hold the belief that "if the dog can't trust you, why should it want to work for you?" and fully support positive reinforcement and ball rewards. Is this not typical?
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