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Good afternoon,

We are new to the forum and have 2 wonderful GSDs in our home. We are looking for a puppy as one of our gsd's is 10 years old. We found what we thought might be a good breeder with a dam and sire that are beautiful and have sweet dispositions.
But upon reviewing the bloodlines, found the grandfather is same for both sire and dam. This caused concern so we looked further and found the great grandmother is same for the sires mother and father. Then finding that many of the grandparents on the dam side.
Fell in love with these parents but a tad concerned as my gut says inbreeding. I also read about line breeding. Our other shepherds have numerous variations. Hardly any direct from parents or grandparents.
Any advice is helpful as we do not want to make a hasty decision.

Thank you!

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Linebreeding is inbreeding, but used to describe dogs not as closely related. Linebreeding helps set type or to maybe concentrate the good genes. When used smartly and from a knowledgeable breeder it can be a good thing. When used by a less knowledgeable breeder who maybe just recognizes names and wants to concentrate on those names, it can be good or bad (since less desirable genes can also be concentrated on).

A 3-3 linebreeding (both parents share a grandparent) is the closest allowed by the SV (German Shepherd dog club of Germany). If I am reading what you wrote correctly this breeding is a 3-3 linbreeding on one dog and a 4-4 on another. If the breeding was done with knowledge I wouldn't worry about it.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes there is little to no linebreeding in the first 5 generations, but then you hit the 6th and 7th and the same dogs appear many many times. This is considered back massing and can limit the genetic makeup of the dog, shrink the gene pool and possibly increase the risks of bad genes being concentrated along with the good genes.

It would be easier to look at the pedigree, but you can't send PM's yet.

Hope that all makes sense.
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