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Compliments on your dog

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I was just wondering, how many of you get compliments on your GSD when you take him places? Almost every time I take Apollo somewhere, someone will approach me and tell me what a nice looking dog I have and ask to pet him. Children always come over & ask to pet him, people comment on how mellow he is (when I tell them he's only a year old), seems like everyone loves a GSD. Apollo, of course, takes this all in stride with the typical GSD "aloofness"!! But it really makes Mom feel good!

So, what kind of comments do you hear?
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Mostly people say how good looking she is.
I also get the "look at the size of her FEET".

One woman at the vets office was going on and on about her, she even had to go out and get her husband out of the car so he could see her.
I have even had people go out of their way to follow me in their car to find out about Siren.

I am half tempted to make her a "sandwich board" to wear that says where I got her. Since 99% of the people also ask that.
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lol I told my breeder that too! I actually gave someone his name & number when they asked about Apollo & told me they were looking for a dog. They bought one of his sisters, and the breeder gave me a "referral fee" for it!!
I get compliments on Kodee a lot - most of the time people tell me what a beautiful dog he is. I had some construction workers tell me I had a "good-lookin' dog" one time when we were walking past them near the park. One guy asked if I would be interested in breeding Kodee to his female GSD (no, thanks!). Also, moms are always very impressed when I put Kodee in a down (and he does so happily) when their kids want to pet him. Girls love his ear fluff, too, b/c "OMG he's so SOFT!" LOL! One time when I took him to Bass Pro Shop w/his "Therapy Dog - In Training" vest on, a lady just almost went berzerk when I put Kodee in a down without saying anything - just gave him the hand signal while I was talking to her.

I love it when people love my Kodee Bear!
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I have two GSDs who look very much alike coincidentally so they are like a matched set. They are also really well-behaved and go a lot of places...I get lots of compliments on them...I love it when people say "OH, there are TWO of them! Are they twins?"!
Most people say he's beautiful or ask if he's a police dog.
A lot of people think he's still a puppy, which makes sense because he does look like a PB puppy GSD, at least until the tongue comes out.

I've gotten several comments on how well behaved mine was and several people have asked me if I could train their dog.
If only they knew.
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My LH was truly a head turner, people would stop me and comment how stunning he looked (I could only agree
), although most would keep their distance because he looked kinda intimidating (dark face etc).
I always get compliments about the excellent shape of my dogs (Lab & GSDx), too. A neighbor down the road always stops when I walk the dogs and tells me just how gorgeous my GSDx & Lab are, but the way he looks at me, I'm not so sure who he is really talking about. I believed him when he complimented the LH, but my other dogs look pretty ordinary.
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Yes, with Lexi all the time. She has been a frequent visitor to our local shelters when I go there to meet a dog. The bad part of it is people think I am there to surrender her! Not in a millions years would that happen.

I also have a 4 y/o male, Tripper, who I wish was mellow........he acts more like a puppy than my year old lab does. He also has EPI, so his coat is very coarse. I don't get the compliments with him that I do Lexi.
My pup is an all black purebred GSD. What we get after our response to "what breed is he", is.........."mixed with what?" "oh no, GSD's don't come in all black", and on, and on. I never knew there were so many experts on GSD's in the general population!

Its kinda funny when you can see people's scepticism that he really IS a German Shepherd!

Any others with all blacks have this experience?
We get a lot of compliments on Elmo. People tell us he's a good looking dog and so mellow. When people learn his name, the awwws come out. Then, they like him even more. How can anyone not like an Elmo? He's a big softy so the name fits him perfectly.

I've had kids come up to him and start petting him. So far, they have all been well mannered kids who have asked first. There are even kids who wanted to take pictures with him. (I can't believe these little kids had their own digital cameras.) They were riding bikes so they got up to us sooner than their mom's did. Then, they introduced Elmo to their moms.

I once had a woman tell me she doesn't like big dogs, but she really likes Elmo. She said he would make a wonderful therapy dog. That make my heart melt.
Originally Posted By: DonnaB
Any others with all blacks have this experience?
Usually they thinkg "lab" is in the mix.

What was really funny though, with my first solid black long coat, everyone thought he was part wolf. Though it didn't help that he WAS built more like a wolf than a GSD. He was oversized AND "all legs".

With my first sable, people also occasionally thought there was some sort of mix going on. But with Siren, everyone KNOWS she is a GSD. I think that the fact that so many Police K9s these days are dark sables is "teaching" the public that GSDs DO come in that color.
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I get all kinds of compliments on Talyn my lc some is even surprised that gsd's comes in lc' I get more compliments on him than my standard coated ones.
Whenever I take Tosca somewhere, I get compliments. Most people have never seen what is considered a red/black German Shepherd. To top it off, she's a long coat so I have an opportunity to educate the public.

A neighbor down the street loves my dog and has offered to take care of her whenever we decide to go on vacation.
We get lots of compliments on Bogart , people saying what a good looking dog he is. We also get people asking if he's mixed with something. He is black and tan, with more black than tan. One night we were walking him and a lady asked me what kind of dog he was, I answered German Shepherd, she said mixed with.......??? I answered, he's pure, just then he let out a bark, and she said, he sure doesn't bark as loud as a German Shepherd.....I didn't bother to explain he was only a puppy...I just have to shake my head at another time somebody asked me if we got his ears cropped......???????
My vet LOVED my Riley. He crawled on the floor and pulled her into his lap, ha... he kept saying, "man this is SOME gsd you got here!" (he sees all the local police K9s in the area so he knows GSDs well). That made me feel awesome!

I also get the "she's a PUPPY?!" "How old?!" and "MAN she's gonna be BIG!" and I say, "I know, I can't wait!" Riley's a sweetheart and everyone resorts to telling me so... of which I can't help but agree too, ha!
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Yes, but they almost ALWAYS come from people who train, work with, and titled working line dogs. For example, once at the pet store a random man came up to me and told me Kenya looks just like a bitch his friend had with them in Vietnam (military dog). Saturday we did a temperament test but it was at a SchH/police dog club and all the guys there were very nice to me and complimented Kenya. I've also had people tap my shoulder at AKC shows and tell me "that's how a GSD is supposed to look!" Sometimes I get non-GSD people who never knew sables existed praise her coloring. Non-dog people usually compliment her temperament - how calm, controlled, and obedient she is in public and busy places.

Honestly, Coke, our mutt, gets the most compliments as far as looks. It's funny how many people ask me if Kenya is a mix and then ask what breed Coke is. He is a mutt, but I tell them if they really like his looks, to check out the Hovawart because he looks just like one. He has such a sleek, lush coat and rich black and red coloring. He is also a lot more outgoing than Kenya, so he is the first to approach new people and if strangers ask to pet the dogs, we usually have them pet Coke first because he is more resilient to strange behavior. If they pass the "Coke" test, then they are allowed to pet Kenya
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Chance gets lots of compliments when we're out. Everyone always seems to comment on his eyes.
I remember standing in Petco looking at dog treats one day and a man comes into the aisle and he keeps looking at Chance and I'm thinking oh well maybe he's scared of him or something but NO, each time he looks at him he takes a step to the side getting closer and closer until I hear "Wow! You've got a really pretty dog!" and then a "Can I pet him?". :p I had a talk with one man and his daughter about the GSD standard and Shepherds in general one day and he kept commenting on how pretty his liver coloring and eyes were and how he was a good dog. ^_^ I love to hear good things about my boy. <3 I've had people ask where I got him from, quite some surprised faces when I tell them he was a rescue out of the county's animal control. :p

Originally Posted By: Sasha2008another time somebody asked me if we got his ears cropped......???????
When I first brought home Chance, he had semi-floppy ears and the first time I said something about hating the wait until his ears came up, my brother goes "I thought you had to crop their ears for them to stay up?". Lirl!
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Chevy always gets compliments wherever we go. We get told what a beautiful dog we have and how well mannered he is and "he's going to be a big boy!". We've had quite a few people stop us and ask if they can take his photo and of course, everyone wants to pet him. He loves all the attention. At the feed store on Saturday, someone asked "What's your Shepherd mixed with?" I just said "With German Shepherd" and she was dumbfounded for a moment.

With Shya, we get the "awww! she's so cute/pretty!" While walking the other day, some man stopped us and told us how he used to have a pup that looked just like Shya and would we want to sell her to him! Ummm...NO!

The funniest was yesterday. DH and I were walking the pups and there were two small children, a little boy and a smaller girl. The boy was telling his sister "That's a wolf! And that's a little wolf!"
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We actually got a nice compliment from an AKC agility judge at our trial this weekend. After we ran the course she came up to us in between Open and Novice and gave Molly some lovin' and told me that I had a wonderful dog and that she enjoyed watching us run the course. She also commented on how nicely Molly was built
It was nice to get a compliment from someone that had been watching dogs all afternoon and decided to come up to my dog and say such nice things. I was very proud of my girl.

We get a lot of the "oh, she's beautiful" compliments when we are out walking. Those are always nice
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The comments I hear the most are how handsome or good looking he is. Or how big/huge he is.
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