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columbus ohio,CL-10 GERMAN SHEPHERDS

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please forgive me if posting this is wrong,do not know how to copy and paste etc. was looking on craig's list in columbus oho,is where i live. saw an add for 10 sheps,5 males,5 females,one sentence says free to good home,yet the next sentence say 150.00 each..they are located in canel winchester( still columbus), there is a phone #. the past week or so i have saw young pups and older sheps alot on craig's list in columbus,but seeing the add for 10............ worried me. hope it is not flagged before it can be seen,there is also 2 others listed today. thank you for looking.
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I can't find the listing....try this. Go to the listing and open it up. Then click on the address at the top of the page which should bring up a little box. One of the options is COPY so righ click on that. Then come here, open this thread, put your curser in the box you would type in and right click again and one of the choices will be PASTE. Click on paste and the link should appear.
Darn. I looked through all of the Ohio postings (searched for 'german') and didn't find it. Must have beenflagged.
it must have been flagged shoot.there is still 2 listing for singe i said have saw a few the last couple weeks. will keep an eye out for the add to come out again maybe.
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