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Colour question...a quick one

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Hi all,
I'm just wondering about colour....
A lady told me that Kaiser is "bi-colour" and someone else said he's "black and tan" and someone else said "black and red" (may not be able to tell but the tan is mostly red execpt for his legs.
Can anyone tell me officially what he would be called so I don't sound like a dolt by saying "i don't know"...haha



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Looks black and tan to me ...
Looks black and tan to me ...
I agree, and he's very handsome! :)

I'd call him a blanket back black and tan. But I'm no expert.
He is a very handsome black and tan.
I don't see any red there. But black and red is technically considered black and tan anyway. He is definitely not bi-color.
Definitely not a bi-color. A bi-color is mostly black, with just tan at the points, like the coloring of a Doberman or Rottweiler. Though many people mistakenly call any dog with 2 distinct colors (like black/tan) a bi-color, so it may be an honest mistake on her part thinking bi-color is a correct way to refer to a dog with 2 colors.
Blanket back black and tan.

FYI: Silver, cream, red, etc are all just variations of tan. If a dog is black and red, you can still call him black and tan and not be wrong.
Sometimes I think it’s hard to tell the difference between the black/tan vs. black/red. My Miikka is supposed to be a black & red. Sometimes she looks black and tan, though. The color on Miikka’s head is normally pretty reddish but her body color can sometimes be more tannish. So who knows. The picture below was taken about a week ago.

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I would say he's a blanket back Black and tan. Definitely not an "official" bi-color. he's a very handsome boy!
The difference between black and tan and black and red is just an AKC thing. They are certainly not going to come up and say, that dog is not red enough to to be called black and red.

So it is a judgement call, really.

Also, when puppies are sold, usually around eight weeks, that red usually looks a lot redder. And the black usually covers a whole lot more of the body, so you can actually believe the dog is black and red, only to have them lighten more than you would expect.

Also, I have heard but have not experienced that better food can affect coat color.

Black and tan is never wrong, black and red might spark contraversy.
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