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collar question

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i used to have a doberman, he died when i was 15, & i was going through his old collars & stuff when beamer ripped through hers & i found a collar that ive never seen before in stores.

its nylon like regular ordinary collars, about an inch wide, but it looks like a prong collar, minus the metal & prongs. does anyone know what they are called or where to buy one? it's blue, but beamers a girl & everyone calls her a boy so i was hoping to buy one in pink. it works amazing, almost as well as the prong collar.

anyyy ideas? i checked petco & petsmart online but they didnt have anything. my parents used to buy everything at specialty stores or from kennels so i dont know where they got it.

thank you!
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I'm confused, is it metal like a prong or nylon? Is it just a nylon martingale?
no its not metal at all, its completely nylon. the reason i say its like a prong collar is because it has that tug part, its like a regular collar with a smaller part attached that lets me pop her for a correction. let me take a pic. =)
Sounds like a Martingale

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yeahh! do you know where they sell them?
I would try pet stores in your area. Where we just moved from, our Petsmart had both the all-nylon Martingales as well as the nylon and chain martingales, usually around $10 to $15, depending on size/style.
Originally Posted By: chelsyeahh! do you know where they sell them?
Try any big chain pet store, like Petsmart, Petco.... you're looking for an all-nylon martingale collar. Premier is a popular brand, very simple in various sizes and solid colors.

This is Kenya's 1.5" martingale I had custom made. I picked the fabric, hardware, and size and it was only $11.

Cheap on sitstay:
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thanks you guys! i went to pet quarters but couldnt find anything, ill have to try petsmart today. but i love that pink striped one it is adorable!
I am wondering if anyone has an opinion about this type of collar. My newest rescue came with one and it has not effective. The prong collar works better, but then my daughter tried one of those harness collars that attach in back of the front legs, and the dog was great.

On my end, I guess all dogs are different.
we use the prong collar for training. i guess i said it weird (it works just as well as the prong), bc it doesnt work just as well for training, but it works for walking & stuff (she doesnt pull when she has it on). i like it because she has broken every other collar & this one seems the most durable, as an every day collar.
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