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I suppose I first noticed Sasha had the extraordinary ability of opening things soon after we first rescued her. She was kind of a sloppy eater and drinker so we would dismiss her to the garage for her meals. Well, she was out there for about 10 minutes when we heard the closed garage door open and her appear in the living room, she had manipulated the knob and opened the door! Next we noticed she could free herself from the kennel into our fenced yard by using her nose to lift the latch.

OK, we now know she is pretty good at getting what she wants, but the next thing kind of surprised us. Sasha, I neglected to mention also has the unwelcome and annoying habit of knocking over her and Milly's stainless steel water pail with her paw (will get back to that). Well on one of those occasions, on a warmer day she did just that and emptied the pail and was without water. But for her this was no obstacle, she simply tuned on the water to get her refreshment.... I found the backyard flooded a little while later.

OK, so I wired the pail to the water faucet to prevent her from knocking it over, but I guess after I left she somehow injured her paw in trying to tip it again. It was a just a minor front limp, but I did kennel Milly to keep them form roughhousing while Sasha walked it off. Well, I guess Sasha got lonely without her playmate and used her nose trick to free Milly!

Now I just have to train Sasha to turn of the water and close doors behind her I suppose.
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